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Current Openings
  Civil Engineer (Code: DN – RCC-NBU-CH)
  Civil Engineers (Code: DN–Steel-NBU-CH)
  Civil Modellors (Code: DN–CVM-NBU-CH)

  Electrical Design Engineer (Code: DN – Elec-NBU-CH)
  Electrical Design Engineer
(Code: DN-Sr. Elec-NBU-CH)
  Electrical Modellors (Code: DN- ElecM-NBU-CH)

  Solar Energy Lead

I & C
  I&C Engineer (Code: DN-I&C-NBU-CH)
  I&C Modellers (Code: DN – I&CM-NBU-CH)
  Mechanical - PDMS Modellers (Code: DN-PIPM-NBU-CH)
  Sr. Piping Engineer (Code: DN- PIP-NBU)
  Sr. Piping Engineer (Code: DN- PIP-NBU)
  Mechanical – SP3D Modellers (Code: DN-SP3D-NBU-CH)

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